Little Bambino Tricycle With High Chair and Storage Bag

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The perfect starter bike for your little bambino.

If you want to teach your child how to ride a bicycle this is the way to start! This will teach them the skill of how to peddle and direct on a bicycle while having the safety of the dual back wheels for balance. The Little Bambino Tricycle will give them the confidence required before they move onto their own big bicycle! Come on outdoors! Your child can learn new motor skills and enjoy the outdoors while they're at it. What is more is thanks to the storage bag that comes with the tricycle, bambinos can now bring their favourite toys on a ride with them. Perfect for ages 2-5!

  • ✔FOR IMPROVED BALANCE AND CONFIDENCE: This tricycle teaches your child the balance required to ride a bicycle when older. It allows him/her to build confidence while riding and makes moving on to a bicycle with pedals a more natural process.
  • ✔AIR FILLED RUBBER WHEELS: It comes with durable and sturdy rubber inflatable wheels for a safe and smooth ride. Also has rubber hand grips for extra safety and control.
  • ✔LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL FRAME. The strong quality steel frame offers great support but is light enough for a small child to manage.e seat accommodates kids of all heights
  • ✔EASY ASSEMBLY: This bike is quick and easy to assemble with this step-by-step instructional YouTube video:
  • ✔DESIGNED FOR TODDLERS AND YOUNG KIDS: The safe high seat provides a safer tricycle for your Little Bambino to learn riding motor skills. This tricycle is perfect for children from 36 months (3 years) to 72 Months (6 years) of age.
Keep the box contents away from small children before it is built as there are bags for screws and parts in the box that pose a choking hazard.